About Scintillon Institute

Scintillon Institute is a non-profit research institute located at the heart of San Diego biotechnological community.  The institute was founded in 2012 with the goal of discovering and developing new biologically based technologies that address the fundamental needs of our growing civilization.

Our research projects include novel tools for biological imaging, new perspectives on aging and cancer research as well as innovative approaches to developing sustainable energy and food sources.


To create breakthrough technologies that catalyze discoveries in a spirited home for collaborative science


To illuminate the path from discovery to cure


To build and disseminate new capabilities, engineer unique services, pioneer pathways to fresh discoveries, and foster the scientists of tomorrow


  • Curiosity-the freedom to explore science
  • Character-the pursuit of scientific excellence
  • Cultivation-the belief in the power of the individual
  • Community-the commitment to fostering interdisciplinary research
  • Champion-the service of advancing underserved science