Scintillon thanks the City of San Diego for funding the SURE Program

Scintillon Institute thanks the City of San Diego’s Economic Development Department for funding the SURE Program in 2018 – 2019. This generous grant demonstrates the support and commitment the City of San Diego has for growing the economic possibilities of San Diego students across all backgrounds.  STEM education and the immersion job training provided by the SURE program aligns with City goals to generate small business jobs and economic revenue for San Diego, including its large biotechnology community. 


The City of San Diego's  Economic Development Department assists individual businesses and helps strengthen business organizations and improve business districts throughout San Diego.  Encouraging community revitalization and promoting economic opportunity for all segments of the population to retain, attract and maintain the types of businesses that contribute positively to the local economy, the City leverages public incentives and assistance to promote community revitalization, attract new businesses and encourage investment in local businesses.

“Thanks to the City of San Diego, we can afford to create even more opportunities for these students,” says Jiwu Wang, Ph.D., President and CEO of Scintillon Institute.  “These are top students who have the interest and talent to contribute to the San Diego biotech community over the long haul.  We are committed to running this program without a cost to participants and the support from the City makes that possible.”

The SURE program was founded in 2017 with a goal to bring top science students into professional labs and pair them with faculty mentors to shape and inspire their STEM dreams as they apply for college and beyond.  The response from students has been enthusiastic with the number of applications doubling each year.  Students from all backgrounds and schools were selected for 3 new student spots in the second year of the program.  Returning students from the inaugural year of the program serve as student supervisors and provide peer mentoring to first-year students. 

This year’s program will expand to include more first year students in 2019 and a Scientific Symposium Day, a one-day event where the SURE students will present their white papers and professional seminars to a small group of supporters, participants, and applicants.  The Scientific Symposium Day is open to all.  Please contact SURE Program Manager Rhianna Basore at [email protected] to RSVP.    

Scintillon welcomes support and involvement from the local community and STEM supporters.  Together we can invest in tomorrow’s scientific leaders today.

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