Scintillon Eye Disease Research Center

Can you name one of the first signs of aging?


The breakdown of the structure of eyes.

The eyes, the windows to the soul.  The gateway between body and mind.  The embodiment of vision, of focus, of clarity.  The way we see where we’re heading and where we’ve been.  The first way a newborn connects with their parent.  How we know if we trust someone or something.  How we judge what is ‘true’.  The all-seeing eye.       

The structures of the eye, especially in the retina in the back of the eye, grow thin as we age and pigment can build up.  Sometimes even extra blood vessels form.  When these blood vessels leak, permanent blind spots form.  Slowly, a dark circle forms that obscures anything directly in front of the eye, robbing you of your central vision — which is vital for driving, reading and recognizing people’s faces.  And there is currently no cure.

Did you know:

  • 2.7 million Americans have glaucoma
  • Over 65% of glaucoma cases affect women
  • 11 million people have macular degeneration

(which is the same number of Americans who have the most prevalent invasive cancers) 

But there is hope.

Promising research in collaboration with our Scintillon Institute scientists reveals a new treatment advance is in sight.  This treatment will use cell transplantation, comprising of stem cells, to restore retinal ganglion cells, whose irreversible loss causes blindness. Our scientists and industry collaborators are prepared to bring this treatment to the U.S. and extend our groundbreaking research to cultivate innovative prevention strategies and construct novel drugs, turning retinal degeneration into a preventable, treatable, even curable disease! 

 To carry out our plan for the Eye Disease Research Center at Scintillon, the scientists at Scintillon ask for your donation to reach our campaign goal of raising $350,000 for equipment that provides detailed imaging and automated screening.  

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You can learn to live with eye degeneration but you don’t have to accept it.  Please give today.  

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