Price Lab

Principal Investigator: Jeffrey Price, MD, PhD  

email: jprice at scintillon dot org

Research Focus: High performance image cytometry instrumentation and algorithms

The central theme is creation of high performance of image cytometry (AKA, quantitative microscopy, digital pathology, high content screening / assays – HCS/A) instrumentation and algorithms.  The instrumentation focus areas include high performance autofocus, high-speed scanning, 3D cytometry and high throughput confocal microscopy.  We apply these advances to: genomic and compound HCS/A (for early drug discovery and toxicity); kinetics of fast cellular events (including muscle contraction, cardiomyocyte arrhythmogenicity, neuron action potentials, β-cell insulin release); tracking of cell migration, development/differentiation and cancer progression; ultra-rare circulating tumor cell biology; and histology of cancer biomarkers.