John Nolan – flow cytometry instrumentation, reagents, and assays

Jeffrey Price – image cytometry instrumentation, high content analysis, high throughput screening

Al Kellner – optical design and instrumentation

Nathan Shaner – fluorescent and luminescent protein engineering, antibodies, and sensors

Jiwu Wang – cellular reprogramming and engineering, genome editing, and cellular models of disease


Erika Duggan – cytometry reagents and assays

Danilo Condello – cytometry instrumentation and software

Gerard Lambert – protein engineering and production

Rhianna Basore – outreach coordinator

Collaborators and Partners

University of California, San Diego

The Burnham Institute for Medical Research

La Jolla Infectious Disease Institute

National Resource for Automated Molecular Microscopy

Darkling Instruments

DeNovo Software

Vala Sciences

Cellarcus Technologies

Allele Biotechnology