Does science save lives during this pandemic?


- Did science save lives during this pandemic that we are still in?

- Are Biomedical and Bioengineering Sciences interesting and important subjects?


 “Yes!” many of today’s high school students will say that without hesitation.  But is science research a field where you want to build a career? Many students may still want to say “Yes…” but maybe blindly.


Scintillon Institute, a premium San Diego research institution for nonprofit purposes, has built its now famous Scintillon “SURE” (SUmmer REsearch) program to help top-performing high school students to find out for themselves whether conducting scientific research and becoming a career scientist is for them. 

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A New Twist in the Tale of Experimental Immunotherapies for Parkinson’s Disease

A new study co-led by Scintillon Institute’s Associate Professor, Dr. Rajesh Ambasudhan, and Adjunct Professor Dr. Stuart Lipton (also a practicing Neurologist at UC San Diego) shows that certain immunotherapy approaches for Parkinson’s disease (PD) may cause harmful neuroinflammation by activating microglia (brain’s immune cells) and that this adverse effect could offset therapeutic benefits elicited by the antibody treatment. The study appeared in the April 13, 2021 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the United States of America.

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Celebrating Scintillon wins in early 2021

The Scintillon Institute is proud to announce the recent addition to its faculty, Dr. Albert Chen, a neurobiologist who specializes in examining the link between neural circuits and behavior in health and disease. 

Albert Chen joins Scintillon Institute as an Associate Professor of Neuroscience after spending eight years at the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. Research in his lab employs a multidisciplinary approach to define the molecular, anatomical, and functional distinctions of brain centers important for coordination and refinement of movement, motor learning, and complex motivated behaviors using genetic and viral circuit tracing, neural manipulations, deep brain imaging and quantitative behavioral approaches in mice.


The rising prevalence of obesity and eating disorders is a significant public health crisis, and dysfunctions of subcortical and hindbrain networks important for feeding behaviors and metabolism have been implicated. With a recently awarded R01 from the NIH, an exciting new project in the Chen lab aims to identify and characterize previously unknown components of the neural network that mediates food seeking and consumption, with a long-term goal of exploring the efficacy of drugs and brain stimulation as effective therapeutics for body weight control.

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Hope for Thyroid Cancer Prognosis

Given the California state-wide lockdown, we at Scintillon Institute hope you remain calm and aware while doing your best to follow the governor’s directive for blunting the projected jump in infected cases that could potentially overwhelm our medical system. 

We are doing what we can at Scintillon to provide long term help with all issues related to human health and longevity, viral outbreaks included. We plan on conducting the production of cell and possibly vesicle mediated vaccines against SARS-CoV-2.  We also are working on tissue and organ regeneration to help those who have survived a coronavirus infection and developing nanoantibodies that might be used to treat the cytokine storm/septic shock from which some severe-case patients suffer. 

In the meantime, the biomedical research community will continue to work on all diseases to provide cure and comfort. We are happy to report that just today, one of our faculty members, Dr. Jiwu Wang, and his group published a paper in a Nature family journal about how doctors could treat thyroid cancer with more informed choices.

Please stay safe and well.  Your continued support of biomedical research is vital because together, we can handle future outbreaks and other health problems better.

Thank you!

Scintillon Institute

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Scintillon thanks the City of San Diego for funding the SURE Program

Scintillon Institute thanks the City of San Diego’s Economic Development Department for funding the SURE Program in 2018 – 2019. This generous grant demonstrates the support and commitment the City of San Diego has for growing the economic possibilities of San Diego students across all backgrounds.  STEM education and the immersion job training provided by the SURE program aligns with City goals to generate small business jobs and economic revenue for San Diego, including its large biotechnology community. 


The City of San Diego's  Economic Development Department assists individual businesses and helps strengthen business organizations and improve business districts throughout San Diego.  Encouraging community revitalization and promoting economic opportunity for all segments of the population to retain, attract and maintain the types of businesses that contribute positively to the local economy, the City leverages public incentives and assistance to promote community revitalization, attract new businesses and encourage investment in local businesses.

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