Naming Opportunities

Scintillon Institute Naming Opportunities

  • $25,000 name and support a graduate student stipend for one year
  • $50,000 research techs office, lab bench
  • $75,000 single room laboratory, Post Doctoral fellows office
  • $100,000 Assistant/Associate Professor office, endow a permanently funded internship position named for or by the donor
  • $150,000 Professor office
  • $200,000 conference room at 6404 Nancy Ridge Drive
  • $250,000 Founder’s office
  • $350,000 seminar room, Neurodegenerative Disease Center lobby
  • $500,000 large, multiple room laboratories, animal facility
  • $750,000 Stem Cell Center, Drug Discovery Center
  • $1,000,000 name a senior faculty chair or endow STEM or similar program, depending on donor interests
  • $3,000,000 name Neurological Disease Center
  • $8,000,000 name 6868 Nancy Ridge Drive

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