Hope for Thyroid Cancer Prognosis

Given the California state-wide lockdown, we at Scintillon Institute hope you remain calm and aware while doing your best to follow the governor’s directive for blunting the projected jump in infected cases that could potentially overwhelm our medical system. 

We are doing what we can at Scintillon to provide long term help with all issues related to human health and longevity, viral outbreaks included. We plan on conducting the production of cell and possibly vesicle mediated vaccines against SARS-CoV-2.  We also are working on tissue and organ regeneration to help those who have survived a coronavirus infection and developing nanoantibodies that might be used to treat the cytokine storm/septic shock from which some severe-case patients suffer. 

In the meantime, the biomedical research community will continue to work on all diseases to provide cure and comfort. We are happy to report that just today, one of our faculty members, Dr. Jiwu Wang, and his group published a paper in a Nature family journal about how doctors could treat thyroid cancer with more informed choices. 


Please stay safe and well.  Your continued support of biomedical research is vital because together, we can handle future outbreaks and other health problems better.

Thank you!

Scintillon Institute

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