Facilities at the Center for Cytometry Development


Scintillon Shared Resources

Shared instrumentation and equipment available to Scintillon Institute personnel and external users by arrangement:

Beckman Coulter CytoFlex flow cytometer

Becton Dickenson FACSCalibur flow cytometer

Molecular Devices Spectramax Absorbance and Fluorescence readers

Vala Sciences IC300 Image Cytometer

Amnis Image Stream imaging flow cytometer


Center for Cytometry Development User Facility

Custom instruments with unique capabilities available to Center personnel and collaborators:

Structured illumination high speed super-resolution image cytometer

Hyper spectral flow cytometer

Raman spectral flow cytometer

High resolution spectral flow cytometer

High sensitivity flow cytometer


Nanoparticle Characterization Lab

Zeiss EM-910 Transmission electron microscope

Nanosight LM-20 Nanoparticle tracking analyzer

High sensitivity nanoparticle flow cytometer