Donor Spotlight

Donor Spotlight


Philanthropic investment can completely transform what we can do. Your donation provides us with resources to discover and develop new technologies and make an impact on people's life. We would like to thank the following donors for their generous giving to our research:

Amanda Pedrajas and Elena Pedrajas Gual on behalf of the MEF2C Association

Amanda R. and Joseph R. Tollari

Bill Baker and Kelly Baker

Cris and Theresa Green

Curt Hendrix, Akeso Health Sciences, LLC

Cynthia Swanson

Dale Shaner

Darren and Priya Check

Deborah Fitzpatrick

Donna Kirby

Dr. Tevy Tith

E. J. Jorgensen

Fred or Margaret Ritchie

Gilbert D. Neild and Carol Neild

Hannah Step

Harlan J or Karen R. Harter

Hengchun Fan

J.T. or J.L. Nooman

Janis L. or Richard L. Haight

John Kirby and Lorraine Kirby

Judith A. Maxfield

Julie Mason

Kelly A. Tollari and Joseph A. Tollari

Kevin T. or Delores J. Dowd

Larry Judas and Joann Judas

Li Wu

Lin Yan

Machelle Dunlavy

Raymond E. Hillock and Patricia Hillock

Robert Rivers

Sally Evakoe and Craig Evankoe

Sandra D. Tollari and Jaime A. Tollari

Stacy Tribolet

Stephanie Fitzpatrick

Sury Jairaj

Timothy J. and Lorraine Leaman

Vicki Liepelt

Vicky and J.V. Omundson

Willian Goshorn and Judy Goshorn

The Institute could not do what it does without the support of our donor. Thank you again for your generous contribution.

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