Does science save lives during this pandemic?


- Did science save lives during this pandemic that we are still in?

- Are Biomedical and Bioengineering Sciences interesting and important subjects?


 “Yes!” many of today’s high school students will say that without hesitation.  But is science research a field where you want to build a career? Many students may still want to say “Yes…” but maybe blindly.


Scintillon Institute, a premium San Diego research institution for nonprofit purposes, has built its now famous Scintillon “SURE” (SUmmer REsearch) program to help top-performing high school students to find out for themselves whether conducting scientific research and becoming a career scientist is for them. 

Each July, through a highly competitive process of interviews conducted by its professors, the SURE program selects about 10 high school students and teach them modern biology topics, including energy metabolism and aging, mRNA and vaccine, antibodies against cancer and infectious diseases. These lectures are given in each morning, focusing on one area of biology per lecture, covering one main technique used in the professor’s lab, and its relevance to treating at least one disease. Afterwards, the students move to their respective supervisor professor’s lab and do experiments as they just learned!


- “It’s amazing that professors of top university caliber teaches us high school students at Scintillon!”


True, the Scintillon faculty boasts world experts in immunology, brain sciences, amyloidosis (e.g., Alzheimer’s), with 4 professors trained directly by Nobel Prize winners; Scintillon also hosts developers of some of the best research tools in the world such as those used in finding the most successful COVID-19 vaccines and antibodies. 


With the support of our philanthropic partners who have been unselfishly supporting our mission through the past 5 years, we’re heavily invested in scientific education at the very early stage to attract, train, and provide our future scientists with a first-hand experience in bench work in a real-world environment!

Thanks to the generosity of the parents, families, and friends, our summer education program can continue to grow year after year, offering this unique opportunity for more students to experience. San Diego local community’s participation is crucial for Scintillon and as always, thank you for your financial and spiritual support to our work. We are grateful to have friends and supporters like you who stand with us even in difficult times, together we will do everything we can to prepare our society for the next challenges by educating future scientists who will be ready to take on those challenges head-on!

With gratitude,

Jiwu Wang, Ph.D.
President and Professor

Scintillon Institute

P.S. To make a donation to Scintillon, a 501(c)(3) entity, please remit your check to:

SURE and General Support

Scintillon Institute

6868 Nancy Ridge Drive

San Diego, CA 92121


For information about online donation, visit here, under Gift Designation, you may choose any professor’s research or SURE program, or reply to this email for other methods of donation.

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