Center for Aging Research

Scintillon Aging Research Center


Understanding and Treating Aging through New Research

Established in 2019 and growing to enhance human life




Jiwu Wang, Iustin Tabarean, Yun Yung, Rajesh Ambasudhan, Jeff Price, John Nolan, Joel. Buxbaum, Irene Pedersen, Albert Chen, Nobuki Nakanishi, Valentin Cracan, Stuart Lipton, Gabrielle Sulli, Robert Beardall

How does aging affect all of us later in life?

What are common problems we face as we age?

How do we deal with these problems?

How can we live longer, healthier lives using the recent advances in science?

These are the questions that drive the mission of the Center for Aging Studies at Scintillon Institute, questions that we aim to answer through our one-of-a-kind research program. We study what the brain, blood, heart, and immune system go through as we get older. Scientists at Scintillon have developed some of the most widely used tools in the world for visualizing and measuring organs, tracing tiny moving parts that travel across organs and cells to pass aging messages. These tools create the opportunity to turn this research into manufacturing newer and better cells to restore cognitive abilities, kill cancers, and lower the presence of destructive molecules that mess up balance and metabolism. We can analyze the body’s normal functions to point out reasons why some people experience mental dysfunction. Our experiments look at the differences between young and healthy cells and compare their components to the aged and diseased ones.

Scintillon Professor Rajesh Ambasudhan, together with Professor Stuart Lipton, who has joint appointment with Scripps and UCSD, has just begun a multi-organizational research project to find the best cure to treat Parkinson’s disease and potentially other age-related central and motor neuron function losses. This major endeavor is being funded by one of the top funds on Wall Street in multi-million dollars spanning several years. The execution of their research plan will utilize an academic-industry collaboration with the scientists and clinical product manufacturing team at Allele Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, Inc., lead by Dr. Jiwu Wang, who is also on the leadership and faculty at Scintillon. This treatment could be the most advanced in the world to combine stem cell-based therapy with gene therapy and will be produced under the FDA’s cGMP guidelines in Allele’s clean-room facilities that reside together with Scintillon Institute labs.

Recruitment – Scintillon has made waves in the research institution sector with its unique recruitment of highly talented, dedicated researchers under the new Center for Aging Research to build the world-leading establishment that will continue to attract researchers looking to excel under Scintillon’s innovative model and culture. Scintillon faculty have earned numerous research grants from the US National Institutes of Health. Philanthropy donations accelerate our approach to the goal and will result in more funding for projects like the one funded by Deerfield for Parkinson’s treatment.


Major donation – The time is now. It is a crucial time and a rare opportunity to make a difference.  Scintillon donors can help by extending the Institute’s reach to recruit a senior researcher to lead the aging research center and build awareness on behalf of the donor of the importance of our work.

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