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Summer Research internship (SURE Program) at Scintillon Institute

Summer internship for top high school students at Scintillon



The Summer Internship Program (SURE Program) at Scintillon Institute aims to introduce top high school applicants to basic scientific research and prepare them for college. One goal of this immersive research experience is to encourage and prepare the most talented high school students for successful careers in biomedical research. In addition, the SURE Program aims to create a pipeline of future scientists for the highly competitive and successful biomedical research community in San Diego County.

The very best high school students from San Diego County school districts will be selected and invited to participate in the SURE Program. A Scintillon Institute faculty member will be the student’s scientific mentor and will introduce the student to the program’s curriculum and guide the student through to graduation of the program.

The SURE Program has a specially tailored curriculum that aligns the students’ time constraints with the commitment required by basic research.

The program is divided into three years, each year clearly marked with a milestone as a metric for success. Success will be measured by reaching the defined milestone for each year, which is required to be invited to continue the program. 

Students must provide a complete application packet, consisting of:Aidan_in_protective_gear_2.jpg

  • The application form for the SURE Program at Scintillon Institute.
  • A personal essay, which must also include the student’s reasons for interest in the SURE program.
  • Letters of recommendation from two teachers, one of which must be a science teacher.
  • An official high school transcript.

To be considered for the SURE Program Summer Class of 2018, electronic applications must be received by April 15, 2018.

Selected applicants will be invited for an interview in May 2018.

Summer Class of 2018 will start with a meeting at Scintillon Institute where SURE students can meet the faculty and learn about their research programs. The students will also be provided with a curriculum for the first year and information about the milestone for that year as well as meeting returning students in their second year. 

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