On behalf of the faculty recruitment committee, we invite you to help make relevant candidates aware of our institute’s intention to recruit a junior faculty member in the field of quantitative biology.


We are searching for an individual with a doctorate degree who has shown outstanding promise in developing an independent research program with an emphasis on quantitative approaches to biological questions and data. Such a program may be in the field of genomics or epigenetics, gene expression and regulation, protein interactomics and post-translational modifications, microbiomics, or metabolomics, with a preference to candidates who routinely use animal models in their experiments.


Scintillon Institute is a private non-profit institute founded and operated by our scientists to support fellow investigators in reaching their full potential. We currently have two main tracks of program development: one is advanced tool innovation in the fields of genetically encoded sensors and reporters, flow and live cell cytometry, and model systems derived from iPSCs; the other is an emphasis on functional studies on neurological circuit controls, dementia, and signaling through ion channels.


While we are primarily inviting applicants at the starting assistant professor level, highly qualified candidates at more senior levels will also be considered. Please feel free to post this letter on your department bulletin board and to pass it along to any postdocs and project scientists who are ready to move on with their academic careers.



 Nathan Shaner, Ph.D.   Jiwu Wang, Ph.D.
Chair, Scintillon Recruitment Committee  President and Professor
Associate Professor   










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