UCSD Neuropathology Core






The LJINCC Neuropathology Core is available for all UCSD researchers and members of the La Jolla Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Center program.

  • Expert support and evaluation of the neuropathology in neurological disorders (inflammatory, degeneration, ischemia) in human tissues, rodents, macaques and invertebrates.

  • Immunocytochemistry, single, double and triple labeling of sections, tissue culture.

  • Tissue bank of human brains from AD, PD, HD, controls and other neurological disorders. Tissue repository of nontg and APP and synuclein tg mice.

  • Tissue processing for histochemistry and immunocytochemistry. Fixation, embedding, sectioning (vibratome, frozen, paraffin), antibody labeling. Silver and fluorescent stains.

  • Confocal scanning laser microscopy of brain tissue sections and tissue culture.

  • Electron microscopy: Tissue embedding, ultrathin sectioning, electron micrographs, serial sections, and staining.

  • Immunogold and immuno-electron microcopy.

  • Image analysis, digital microscopy, morphometry, stereology, planimetry optical density, pixel intensity.

  • Analysis of synaptic damage, neuroinflamation and selective neuronal populations by immunolabeling.

  • Immunoblot assays for protein aggregation and processing.

  • Expert consultation in studies in transgenic mice

  • Expert consultation in studies involving lentiviral vectors and rodent surgery.

  • Special neuropathological and biochemical assays for autophagy, neurogenesis and apoptosis.



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