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Core Services

NINDS – funded La Jolla Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Center Cores play a critical role in the advancement of neuroscience research in San Diego and environs. These services allow neuroscientists to take advantage of sophisticated technologies.

Below are the core services provided through the La Jolla Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Center Cores. Please click on the core service for more information:



SBMRI Electrophysiology

The Electrophysiology Core consists of the Sanford-Burnham Electrophysiology Facility. This facility can perform patch-clamp intracellular and extracellular field recordings on a range of material including cultured cells and brain slices. The Sanford-Burnham facility emphasizes electrophysiological analysis of cultured cells and the detailed electrical properties of channels, receptors and recombinant proteins expressed in Xenopus oocytes or mammalian cells.



UCSD Neuropathology

The Neuropathology laboratory applies immunocytochemistry, neurochemistry, molecular genetics, transgenic models of disease, and imaging by scanning laser confocal microscopy to analysis of neurological disease in animal models.



SBMRI Assay Development    |   SBMRI Chemical Library Screening    |    SBMRI Cheminformatics     |    SBMRI High-Content Screening

The Chemical Library Screening core offers high-throughput screening (HTS) of biochemical and cell-based array using traditional HTS readouts and automated microscopy for high-content screening (HCS)> These facilities also offer array development and screening, as well as cheminformatics and medicinal chemistry.

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